Tweeting the Conference

Hello Participatory Cultures Lab folks!

For those of you who are around McGill, I’ll be giving a short 

The “Tweeting the Conference” workshop has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 3 at 2pm.
About the workshop:
This casual round table workshop we’ll talk about how to use twitter to record notes, network with other professionals, and share your knowledge beyond academic circles (particularly with those who may not have access to higher education, but are interested in learning more about the world.) We’ll discuss: the benefits of tweeting the conference, the basics of twitter, how to make a conference social media friendly, what to tweet, twitter tips and fearless tweeting. Bring your computer and/or smartphone!  You may want to consider creating an account on twitter beforehand if you want to get started practicing right away. If you haven’t yet created one, consider keeping your username short ad I’ll explain more about why at the workshop!
Tweeting the Conference
Date: Tuesday December 3rd 2pm
Participatory Cultures Lab, Second Floor, The Coach House
If you have a smartphone, tablet (ipad?) or laptop, please bring it along.  Bonus points to those who have already gone to and created an account: HERE’S A TIP, CHOOSE A SHORT NAME. I’ll explain why tomorrow.
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