Post-Harvest Management to Improve Livelihoods in Ethiopia


Principal Investigator: Tess Atiacke (Nova Scotia Agricultural College), with Claudia Mitchell, Solomon Demeke, Hosahali Ramaswamy,  and Ali Mohammed Vasantha

The Canadian International Development Agency  

Post-Harvest Management and Value-Added Agriculture Website   

The Post-Harvest Management to Improve Livelihoods Project (PHMIL) aims to improve the livelihood of farmers and supporters of the food and agriculture industry in Ethiopia, and of individuals living with HIV or AIDS, and to ensure the economic and employment prosperity of the food sector, which amounts to 90% of foreign export, and 85% of the employment sector for people living in Ethiopia.

Between 20-70% of food perishes as a consequence of the food handling process, between growing and consuming or exporting food outside of Ethiopia. The goal is to prevent food loss, and ensure the quality of food through better food handling, storing, transporting, and processing of food materials through improved teacher education, information resources, and relationships between universities, governments, and communities, whose primary concern is for sustainable and equitable harvest management.

This project is a collaborative effort between:

Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (JUCAVM)  

Nova Scotia Agricultural College  

McGill University   

For more information, please contact Project Director Tess Atiacke or Nancy Thornton of Nova Scotia Agricultural College.


The 4th McGill Conference on Global Food Security from October 4-6, 2011 being held at New Residene Hall. McGill Univesrity. 3625 Avenue du Parc.    








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