Kyung-Hwa Yang

Kyung-Hwa (Kay) Yang’s current Ph.D. research interests include using participatory video methods for adult education and social action.  She is the founder and instructor of the Video-Telling Workshop, a free video production course for economically challenged adults in Chicago.

Kay is also the creator of The Video-Telling Workshop website, which can be accessed here:


FQRSC, 2 years


Yang, K. (in press). Reflexivity is a communal enterprise in participatory video methods. In E-J Milne, C. Mitchell, & N. de Lange (Eds.), The definite handbook of participatory video. AltaMira.

Yang, K. (2011). Critical thinking, standardized tests, and Chicago public schools. CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) Perspective, 155, 11.


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