Brian Benoit

Brian’s doctoral research looks at the development of Quebec’s popular culture over the last two decades through the use of television media.  Factors such as Quebec’s position as a minority in North America and its sparse population has made it a very rich case study for the influence of certain television shows on its national identity.


Benoit, Brian.  “Social Justice and Education in Quebec.”  Spain Initiative for Critical Pedagogy  [Conference], The University of Granada, Granada, 14 Nov. 2010.

Benoit, Brian (2009, March), Private media constructing the new curriculum. Paper presented at the McGill Education Graduate Students  conference, Montreal, QC.

Benoit, Brian.  “Improving Student success in Quebec Schools.”  Baeza Conference for Critical health and well-being.  [Conference], The  University of Baeza, Baeza-Jaen, 17 Sep. 2009.


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