Jessica Prioletta

Integrated Studies in Education – Education and Society

Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies – Collaborative program with Women and Gender Studies

Research Description:

I am currently examining how Quebec’s educational policy (QEP), which highlights the importance of play in the preschool curriculum, has influenced early childhood educators’ use of play in the classroom. I am interested in childhood play because I have found, throughout my teaching experiences, that it is often gender segregated. Consequently, as girls and boys tend to play with different toys and within different play spaces, they are exposed to different knowledges and practice different skills. My thesis work aims to uncover how teachers’ perceptions of gender shape the play discourses and expectations in their classrooms. More broadly, however, I am interested in examining the hidden curriculum in elementary schools and the ways in which it facilitates gender discrimination. 


2014 SSHRC – CGS-M

2014 FRQSC

2013 McGill Entrance Award



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