Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson is a PhD candidate in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University. Building on her background in environmental engineering, Jennifer studies the social dimensions of environmental issues. Her doctoral work interrogates issues related to gender and water management in Southwestern Cameroon. Particularly interested in methodological questions, Jennifer has explored the use of participatory and arts-informed methodologies such as photovoice, collage, documentary film and participatory video across a number of international contexts. Projects have included community-based conservation in Sierra Leone, gender and post-harvest management in Ethiopia, and the informed consent process.


Ruth Hoyt Cameron Award (2014)

FQRSC Internship Bursary (2013)

Jackie Kirk Fellowship (2012)

IDRC Doctoral Research Award (2012)

Dr. Gauri Shankar Guha Award (2011)

FQRSC Doctoral Bursary (2011-2014)


Thompson, J. A. (2016). BOOK REVIEW: Urban youth and photovoice: Visual ethnography in action (M. Delgado). Global Public Health. doi: 10.1080/17441692.2016.1169308

Thompson, J. A. (2016). Intersectionality and water: How social relations intersect with ecological difference. Gender, Place & Culture. doi: 10.1080/0966369X.2016.1160038

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MacEntee, K., Thompson, J. A., Fikreyesus, S., & Jihad, K. (2013). Enset is a good thing: Gender and enset in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Special Issue No. 1, 103-109.

MacEntee, K., Thompson, J. A., & Fikreyesus, S. (Directors) (2012). Gender and enset: A documentary film. Jimma University & PHMIL: Truro, NS and Jimma, Ethiopia.

Thompson, J. A., Folifac, F., & Gaskin, S. (2011). Fetching water in the unholy hours of the night: The impacts of a water crisis on girls’ health and sexualities in semi-urban Cameroon. Girlhood Studies, 4(2), 111-129.

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Thompson, J. (2009). I am a Farmer: Young women address conservation using photovoice   around Tiwai Island, Sierra Leone. Agenda, 79, 65-69.


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