Hani Sadati

Hani Sadati is an FRQSC-funded PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education at McGill University. Hani’s PhD thesis project is on Participatory Digital Game Development to Address Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Agriculture Colleges in Ethiopia. His background is in Sociology-Women Studies (M.A.) and Social Science (B.A.). Hani is also the co-founder and coordinator of the Games and Gamification for Human Development & Well-being (GHDW) Working Group of the McGill Institute of Human Development and Well-being. For more information about Hani’s PhD project please visit this page.  

In his PhD project, Hani used two participatory methodologies (Cellphilming and Participatory Game Design) to develop a serious game for Ethiopian agriculture college instructors. The game aims to be a self-educating tool to teach the instructors some of the strategies in combating campus-based sexual and gender-based violence. Hani’s doctorate project is conducted under the supervision of Professor Claudia Mitchell, and other phd committee members, including Dr. Lisa Trimble, Mrs. Angelique Mannella, and Dr. Lindsay Duncan. 

His research interests include serious games, game-based learning, women and gender studies, sexual health and HIV/AIDS, anthropology of health and illness, socio-cultural studies of food and nutrition and participatory methodology. He believes his background in social science and women studies has helped him to understand the social processes and transformations better. In this stage of his life, he has found education as one of the key factors of a real change in a society and this explains why he has shifted into this field for his Ph.D. program.

In terms of extracurricular activities, he is very interested in travelling, mountain climbing, camping, swimming and photography. His passion about the world heritage sites, especially Iranian historic and natural heritage, lead him to become an official Tour Guide where he received a certificate from Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization in 2015. Furthermore, he is a member of Iranian Vegetarian Society and he prefers to follow vegan cuisine for environmental outcomes and peace. 

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