1. To conduct research into:
    • the role of girls as knowledge producers in informing the study and eradication of sexual violence;
    • indigenous knowledge (in relation to methodologies, ethics and well-being) in the context of a transnational study of indigenous girlhoods;
    • the impact of participatory policy-making in relation to sexual violence on local, national and international communities.
  2. To develop academic and professional alliances among Canadian and South African partners towards:
    • building knowledge and understanding from disciplinary, interdisciplinary and/or cross-sectoral perspectives on sexual violence;
    • conducting digital and other participatory work with girls, particularly in the context of policy dialogue related to sexual violence.
  3. To build capacity by:
    • training and supporting girl-focused community structures to combat sexual violence;
    • providing high-quality research training to undergraduate, masters, doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty members in working with the development of digital tools, youth media, and girls themselves in both local and international contexts through ‘summer institutes’.
  4. To promote the exchange of knowledge and research findings to:
    • advance the application of digital and social media tools in participatory research, and the development of innovations in communication networks in addressing sexual violence;
    • engage policy makers in girl-led dialogue on sexual violence through exploring good practices; and
    • create a transnational platform for raising awareness and advocacy on sexual violence.
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