Digital Futures

Building an International Digital Futures Network for HIV and AIDS Prevention: Participatory Visual Data Archives

PI: Eun Park, with Claudia Mitchell, Naydene de Lange, Sarah Flicker, and Jon Prosser

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

To refine and expand the use of digital archives and technical tools by teams of researchers working in the area of visual arts-based methodologies and HIV and AIDS through the creation of an international network of researchers working across three countries: Canada, South Africa, and the UK. This work is building upon the existing Canadian Research Team’s protocols and data sets that have been drawn from previous projects.

The objectives of the program include:

1. Expand the development of a digital archive network around visual representations of HIV/AIDS in three international sites (Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom (UK).

2. Create a ‘DIGITAL FUTURES NETWORK’ of social scientists working with photo data related to addressing HIV and AIDS.

3. Provide training for local and international researchers in community-based visual research.

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