Emelie Larsson

My name is Emelie Larsson and I am a doctoral student in Sociology from the Mid Sweden University. In January-April, 2020, I will be visiting the Department of Integrated Studies in Education as a research trainee. The purpose of my stay is to study and practice participatory visual methodologies – an area that is still rather new to me but that I am very interested in. My research interests include risk, gender, and the construction of urban areas as ‘center’ and rural areas as ‘periphery’. In my thesis, I focus on a maternity ward closure in Sweden’s sparsely populated northern inland, and I am particularly interested in how risks are constructed alongside gender, place, class and race in the case of the closure. I recently finished my fieldwork, which included interviews with expectant parents and midwives. When not on exchange or writing on my thesis, I teach in methods and gender theory, and I am also part of an interdisciplinary feminist group that is creating a smart phone app for countering suppression techniques in work places and schools. Many thanks!

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