Farzaneh Barak

Farzaneh Barak is a Ph.D. student in Human Nutrition affiliated with the Margaret A. Gilliam Institute for Global Food Security. Her current research investigates gender dynamics of household decision-making processes within agriculture-nutrition linkages in sub-Saharan.

More specifically, she is interested in developing a detailed understanding of household decision-making processes and their association with household food security and the nutritional status of women and children. Additionally, she will investigate gender dynamics of decision-making through participatory videos and developing community and policy dialogues under the supervision of Prof. Claudia Mitchell.

During her doctoral research, Farzaneh has worked as research assistant with CARE Canada for two years on two projects in four African countries with the aim of improving the nutritional status of women and children under five. Her research interests are in the areas of nutrition-sensitive programs, nutrition and food security policy, participatory visual methodologies and approaches

Farzaheh’s CV

Contact info:

Email: farzaneh.barak@mail.mcgill.ca

Farzaheh’s LinkedIn

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