Stephanie Ho

Originally coming from Vancouver, B.C., Stephanie Ho has been a proud Montrealer for nearly four years.  While completing her B.A. in English Literature at The University of British Columbia, Stephanie embarked on a one-semester university exchange to Sciences-Po in Paris. 

This immersion into French culture, particularly within the domains of gastronomy and art history prompted Stephanie’s subsequent return to France. At this time, Stephanie worked for three years as an English teaching assistant in the small village of Nyons, in the South of France.  Eventually, Stephanie moved back to Canada, this time settling in Montreal, where she pursued an M.A. in Teaching and Learning with a speciality of English Language Arts, at McGill. Stephanie currently teaches at St. George’s School of Montreal as an ELA teacher and Community Learning Coordinator.  Her doctoral studies, under the supervision of Claudia Mitchell and Boyd White, pull from her loves of fine art and English, exploring the role Surrealist-based pedagogies could have in supplementing the arguably outdated and underfunded curriculum of Secondary ELA.

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