Goodbye Montreal, hello Durban!

By Tonya Tagoona, IAYI Intern

On Friday, January 6, 2017 Felicia and I started our journey to Durban, South Africa. Our flight was in the 9:00 PM at the International Airport in Montreal and overnight we’ve flown to London, United Kingdom. We’ve made it to London, UK 6 in morning, their time. The layover was 10 hours long, which gave us a lot of time to pass through security, explore the terminal, and even took a 2 hour nap!


Ten hours later, our next stop was Cape Town, South Africa. The flight was 11 hours long! That was quite an experience as I have never been on a flight for that long before.

Finally, on Sunday, January 8, 2017 by early afternoon, Felicia and I have made it to our destination! Durban, South Africa, here we are! Lisa and Labo were at the airport to meet us. Also, they have bought us a few items of groceries to last us a couple days; how nice of them! As exhausted I was from the long journey from Canada to South Africa, I was very anxious to the see the wonderful city and the beautiful people. Lisa and Labo took Felicia and I to our hosts’ place. I am very pleased with our apartment! Perfect for two people. Later, Felicia and I had a naps until the next day from our long journey.


On Monday, Jan 9/17, Felicia and I had a relaxing day. We stayed at the apartment. On Tuesday, Lisa took us grocery shopping. Wednesday, it is our first in the office on Zwakulu-Natal! Lisa picked us up from the apartment and drove us to the office (how nice of her!) Also, we have met with the other interns that are apart of the project as well, and we were just getting to know about each other and where we come from. Later on that day, I had a dental appointment which is 5 minutes away from our apartment (yay!) Thursday, Lisa was discussing cellphilms, photo voice and digital stories to Felicia and I. Lisa shown us examples that her girls have worked on (amazing work!) Friday, today… we will be working on the schedule with Lisa and Labo and discuss what we will be doing over the next couple of months we are here. I am excited!


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